One Small Step For Landmines

by One Small Step For Landmines

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One Small Step For Landmines' self-titled debut album available again with extra bonus track (with download of full album)


released September 10, 2007

Kevin Allen: Vocals, Guitars
Steve Leacock: Bass, Vocals, Horns, Guitar, Keys
August Hansen: Drums, Vocals, Keys, Xylophone, Percussions

Jim Ward: Vocals on "I Don't Think"
Jason Freese: B3 on "I Am The New Lloyd" & Cello, Piano & Mellatron on "Don't Go To Hell"
Matt Agrella: Trombone on "Everything's Gonna Be All Right"

Produced & Mixed by One Small Step For Landmines & Phil Martin
Engineered by Phil Martin
Record at The Whale Recording Studio in Tallahassee, FL
Mastered by Mike Major at Mike's Mix Room in Madeira Beach, FL

Design & Illustration by Steve Leacock at
Photography & Design Assistance by Jerrod Landon Porter at
Concert Photos by Nate Seale at



all rights reserved



LEVY PARK Tallahassee, Florida

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Track Name: I Don't Think
Go out, if you really think you ought to, then you have to, then you really have to go. But do you have to go out again? This is the sound of me drinking by myself, if you want to then you really have to know, so let's so that one bad thing again and again and again.

Do you want to go? I don't think I'll ever come around, again.

Yellow teeth and a purple tongue and a heart that's not sorry for anything that this boy has done. I'm not going to apologize. I am irresponsible and I'm not sorry.

"This sound, it makes me run; it's hard to pin it down. This scene is over and it's hard to pin it down."

I don't think I'll ever come around again.
Track Name: Good Men Die Young And I'm Not Feeling Well
In twelve more minutes I'll be done making plans, you can put your hands on the door, it won't make this happen. I've been lying about my condition, they've been telling me the truth, "this is what you're supposed to do."

"This is what you're supposed to do."

Take the light blue ones in the morning with a vitamin or two. Depending on your mood you might need the red ones too. You've got a history of thin blood so maintain the medicine, if you think you start getting hooked we can switch to something else. This is what you're supposed to do.

"This is what you're supposed to do."

In a couple weeks your hair might seem it is getting thin. Your eyesight is getting worse so we'll increase your prescription. Some sunlight wouldn't hurt so the blinds have been opened. All I see are dying flowers and visiting hours that friends haven't been attending.

"This is what you're supposed to do."

You want to know what it feels like when you're feeling something else, this is something else. Don't forget to take your medicine.

I'm dying
Track Name: Take Me, Seriously
It's pretty and it's negative, then it's downright nasty. You're bleeding all over your face. I think it's time that you talked to me. Would you take me seriously? Take me, seriously.

It's only bad lick if it happens once, declining I'm accepting. We cold almost be entirely exposed, it's not difficult. It that something that you might be into? Seriously, take me, seriously.

If you walk away I will walk away.

Running out, never coming back here.
Track Name: Is There Anybody Out There
Is anybody out there? Could anybody say right now? We don't know. I think that everyone should know right now, that a dirty boy like me don't fight clean.

Nobody's coming down the hall. Would anybody catch you when you fall, is anybody really even out there? Your name is one they just don't call.

Is anybody out there? Are there people I adore who just don't come around here anymore? Am I torturing them? Are they not being friends when they're watching me destroy my body, my grey soul? Could something help me out with the pills and the medication, the ending of frustration? Nobody's coming down the hall, so get up. Would anybody catch you when you fall? Is anybody really even out there? Your voice is one that just don't talk.

Is anybody really even out there?
Track Name: Everything's Gonna Be All Right
I wrote you something. You did not know I was writing.

Your vanity, I don't want to know right now. You couldn't take me, or any of my not knowing. Lay on your back, just like that, don't fight now that I'm leaving town. "Sunflower Eyes" we'll be together when we die and you've got to admit that's a pretty good method.

Everything's going to be all right.
Track Name: I Am The New Lloyd
I'm pent up with leaving, not seeing you. We're still so fed up and we're both confused. Two come too in the morning. Is it like that everyday, Emily?

June '02 under sprinkler spray, I'm counting the breaths that you steal from me, one two, then two come too in the morning. Is it like like that every day?

Do you want to mess around with me, Emily?
Track Name: Don't Go To Hell
There's really only twelve more months but I'll make sure it all ends well. I'm taking back the last three years and I'm leaving you by yourself. You're living like I'm watching and I am. And I can't pretend that it don't hurt because it can, and it does because it can.

They moved me by the windowsill so the sunlight could get in. And I couldn't sleep last night, anxious, because you were visiting. The doctor said I might make it, and then upped my medicine. And me mother cried when she saw my eyes were fading because of it. All these computers, they don't work and I don't know where this blood has been. It's summer Sundays on open roads with my friends that I've been missing.

Do you see yourself walking out of this place escaping the tile and cement? The difference is they are building up your body as your insides ruin it. They all walked by in single file line and they said what they had been thinking. I took the time to open my eyes and understand living. They looked surprised and thankful as I sat up and said, "listen, you'll never know the feeling, but you're what kept me breathing. Don't go to hell."
Track Name: The Difference
And I know, that he knows what it feels like when you can't be right. Stopping only once or twice to catch some breath. "I just can't believe this is happening again," he cried out over Winston trampling, or was it wince then trample. He just smoked one thousand cigarettes.

I don't wasn't to feel like you can't see, it's the difference, that's the difference.

Come on girl, I've got to take care of tonight before it gets away from me, doing things you don't want to see or hear about. You say you're cold, so you're shaking, so I'm all right, I've had weeks longer than all last night for you. You took the two, or three, or four. I don't know, I only come here to pick you up.
Track Name: What I'm Down For
Sing it like a whisper, when all you want is to talk to her, when all she never ever said was your last name. I'd down to talk about, I'm down to leave things out, would you talk to me, you'll say anything, so say anything.

You want to call to talk, you've already said so much. Would you talk to me, you'll say any anything.

I want to tell you everything. As long as I come back here, as long as I come back to sleep, redreaming.

Distractions, you have then and you could be destroyed. Distractions you have them.

I'm down to replay that, I'm down to take it back.
Track Name: Sharpening Knives
You came out singing positive. Any day now I'm sure the blood will come in. With our damage so close we are both indestructible. You come out, you were always on time, and and day now I'm sure you'll be borrowing mine. You're sharpening knives with the ways that you describe how it's beautiful to know we are the one's who just say so. But that's intangible to know.

You come out, there were marks on your side. In the says now, we find the stuff that you'd hide. Our damage is close and we are both indestructible. You come home, no one would look for you there. Any Day now I'll find you're happier here. You're sharpening knives with the things you don't describe. It's beautiful to know.

Any day now you're fooling close.

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